Here I wanted to tell you a little bit more about the girl behind The Indefinite Diaries. So my name is Ellie, I'm 22 and originally from in Newcastle in the UK. I began this blog back in 2016 as it was a requirement for University. But since then, it has gradually adapted into my own personal vessel in which I get to share all the things I take interest in.

After graduating last year, I now live back home close to Manchester and work in Buying & Social Media - still blogging whenever I can. After becoming so inspired by blogging and its huge community, I just couldn't see myself stopping.

I am crazy about travelling. City breaks, lounging holidays, skiing, backpacking - you name it. I have a passion for exploring new places and experiencing new things as well as filming everything along the way. As I aim to travel four or five times a year, the majority of my posts will revolve around the destinations I visit and what I get up to on my travels. 

I would definitely label myself a 'young creative' as I absolutely love everything to do with drawing, writing, applying make-up, photography, video editing and generally making things look pretty and presentable. 

Thanks for checking out my blog and getting to know a bit more about me. You can contact me directly via email at, I would love to hear from you!

Not satisfied enough? If you'd like to read some more info, head over to my PORTFOLIO or CONNECT pages.


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