Saturday, 20 January 2018


Each year when January comes along and hits us right in the face, everyone tends to develop certain expectations of themselves from the offset - 'I'll eat better, I'll exercise more, I'll save money, I'll travel a lot this year' - but 9/10, our January doesn't tend to start off on such a promising foot. If anything, it will take me a good two weeks post-Christmas celebrations to even think of concentrating on one of those things, let alone all of them - though this year has been quite a lot different.

Not many of you know - partly from down to the fact I haven't had time to blog, and quite frankly I didn't feel the need to let every man and his dog know what's going on in my life - but I am set to go travelling very, very soon. It's taken a lot of planning, saving and determination, but honestly I can't quite believe its actually happening.

Back in January 2017, I thought - right, I'm saving money and it starts now. I will admit, throughout the year it's been tough, and I've not been the best at saving whatsoever. I mean, it was really, really wise of me to chuck four holidays in on top of all my savings goals, and I'm sure Ibiza took away a large percentage of my savings (obviously), but I always did keep my mindset towards my 2018 goals, and now it's here and I'm doing it.

I have always wanted to travel and see parts of the world, not just for a holiday but for a long period of time, to actually experience it properly. From school, to uni, then to being in full-time work, I have just never had the time, or funds, to have an extended trip such as the one I'm about to embark on. Travelling is something that doesn't come around often, especially once we get older, so now seems like the perfect time to go for it and enjoy every minute while I have the chance.

Considering travelling can be seen as the 'norm' these days, I'm always amazed when people share no interest in stepping foot out of England. Why would you want to hear about all the adventures people experience, tans they've caught and memories they've gained from a once in a lifetime trip whilst you're sat at home watching corrie with your three cats? Doesn't make sense to me either. 

Needless to say, making the most of your year doesn't mean it has to come from a previous years worth of travel planning. Focus on your career, savings, relationships or just focus on yourself - that's the most important thing. I always look at new years as new beginnings and somewhere you can create new goals for yourself - not resolutions. Resolutions seem to limit and restrict individuals, which only makes you more prone to fail at something. I know I'm rather late to the New Years resolution thing, but have you tried changing your 2018 resolutions to goals by phrasing things, 'this year I'm going to do more of...', instead of, 'this year I'm not' or 'this year I can't' - it makes a world of difference to your mindset.

It took a lot for me to leave my everyday routine behind and do something that well, I've never really done on this scale before. To think I began thinking and planning for this exactly a year ago is quite mad, but I would encourage anyone to do the same. 2019 could be your year of travel - and there's no reason why it can't be? I have an endless amount of amazing things on my list (titled: 'cool shit') that are planned for this trip and I can't wait to share it all with you on my blog and social platforms. From guides to hotels, to packing tips to food, this year I am really focusing my time into my blog - but only if my wifi connection is powerful enough along the way. 

For anyone planning or hoping to go travelling in the near future or next year or two, I'll be giving as much relatable and honest advice as I can throughout my venture. Then, you will be able to hear first hand from someone who is going through the up's and down's of travelling and living her life out of a rucksack.

To say I'm excited is an understatement, to say I'm fully prepared is also an understatement, but I am so ready to escape this cold weather and devote my life to some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Stay tuned.

Ellie x

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  1. Aw such great advice! That is so true, it always takes me weeks to recover from the festive season and ease back in to normality xD I am never one of these people to change things straight away, it never lasts for me haha! Can't wait to read more from your blog this year :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (PS I’m hoping I might be able to entice you to follow each other on bloglovin haha xD)


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