Monday, 31 July 2017


I can't quite believe it's August tomorrow! Where has the month gone, in fact where has 2017 gone? July has been the best one yet, filled with celebrations, events, birthdays, drinking, spending and all of it in between. It started off well with a day trip to London for a blog event which was quickly followed by my 22nd birthday - that I obviously spent 4 days celebrating. I was treat to a holiday to Ibiza, a new Sony camera, flowers, make up, chocolate and so on and it was one of the best birthdays I've had.

Mid-month I had a very special day out for my best friends baby shower in Leeds which I was ridiculously excited for. I obviously went overboard with the gifts - who wouldn't? - and it was a lovely day overall filled with afternoon tea and baby talk. She is the best looking prego lady I've ever seen and I'm beyond excited for the little ones arrival in August eeeeeek!

For the rest of the month I've been focusing on saving, getting fit for holiday and finishing the decor in my room. Here's quite a handful of my fav snippets from the past month..



  1. aw you and your boyfriend are literal fire emoji, you guys looks freakin' AWESOME together. beautiful people!

    your friend is definitely one stunning prego person too, i know for a fact when i get to that stage in my life i'll be living in joggers, with my hair in a bun, and a dressing gown - so she looks insane. what a woman!

    katie. xx

    1. Hahaha wow thanks so much for your nice comments, you’re so sweet!!!

      I’ve been reluctant to blog lately but you’ve made me want to get back into it xxxx


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