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I'm back at it again with another 'how to', and this one is probably up there with my favs. Mainly because it's down to the creativity and style of your blog and that's really what I'm all about. With a slight OCD about me, I am a perfectionist when it comes to most things - especially when putting my own content online.

Not only with my own content, but with others too. Who doesn't get a little critical when visiting a new blog that looks, feels and isn't really on the ball. To be honest, I'm not labelling my own as perfect because I'm my own worst critic. There's bits and bobs that I would love to go back and change but at the end of the day, we all start somewhere?

At the stage where I am now in terms of blogging, I think I've learnt a great deal over time, that's what it's all down too - time. No one goes into blogging or any hobby/career choice for that matter, expecting to come out on top in a matter of minutes. Finding your niche, design and overall goals is all a big learning curve in the world of blogging, so I've put together some pointers that I think are vital in achieving it (or at least looking like you know what you're doing).

I'm not saying you have to break the bank to be a blogger. I mean, I've only just got round to using a professional camera yet I managed just fine with my iPhone beforehand. Although, I know now that this will allow me to up my photography game with the overall look of my blog also improving with it. Doing things you enjoy and are passionate about is always achievable on a budget.

Finding the right props for your flat lay doesn't have to be expensive, neither does finding a photographer if fashion is what you're about. If you're organised like me - and most are - you'll know the importance of a tripod, editing software, a nice laptop and cute stationary.

Something I think many bloggers forget about, fail to bother with or just never have done is update your personal info. Be it contact details, your profile section or your social channels, updating your pages shows readers and potential employers that you like to keep organised and also have great attention to detail.

When most of us visit other blogs, what is the most visited page we head to? The 'About Me' page of course. They can be short, long, in picture form and what not, yet its initially a very, very public CV. If you just turned 24 last week and it still says you're 22 on your profile then what the heck. By forgetting about the integrals it can show your regular readers that you're either content with your content (no pun intended), or simply just slacking.

I would say this goes for most aspects of your 'online identity', if we can call it that. Including the written, imagery and design, your social channels are just as, if not more important than your blog itself. We are all familiar with the struggles of keeping to an instagram theme (hat's off to those people with pretty pink feeds), but there should be a cogent theme throughout them all - should there not? 

If like me, you combine your blog with your personal life, it can sometimes be hard to know what to and what not to include - will posting this make me look unprofessional? Like I said, stick with a theme and be choosy in what you put out there. Mistakes will be made, but it's all a learning curve. If you feel you are currently in no mans land, the most important thing is to keep your individual writing style, let your personality come across and always be kind.

This is something I chose to do around March time so I could incorporate it into my social platforms. I think it's a pretty crucial aspect to looking that little extra profesh. I've found I receive more pr emails and offerings through then I do through my hotmail one I used to have across my blog pages.

I used the platform 'Zoho' to make my individual business email. It's a little fiddly, but I have two emails attached to it and they come straight to my iPhone inbox with no trouble, and the bonus is that it's free!

Central, left, right, italic, narrow, uppercase - find your groove and stick with it. There's nothing worse than visiting a blog where the reader has no correlation or similarities from post to post. I'm all for being a bit eclectic but I love heading back to my fav blogs knowing what to expect and what type of content I'll read - after all it shapes what your blog is all about.

I keep my images to the same pixel width as my text box, and I generally don't change up my formatting too much. There's nothing worse than a messy text or webpage. Alignment is crucial in keeping a professional image, but if you struggle with coding then I would definitely suggest going with a blog template.

Easily done but yet easily avoidable. I'm all about the classic serif fonts and monochrome scheme (aren't we all), but in the case of blogging - less is definitely more. I got the knack of html coding and CSS when I started, which I am going to start doing more of but you literally cannot go wrong with Pipdig themes. Amazing service, easy to download yourself and mobile friendly - winner. Two bloggers with themes that I love are Shelley Morecroft and Katie Penny, simple, easy to follow, lots of good imagery and from the trusty Pipdig.

Including any personal work that is of professional appeal on your blog is super handy as it acts as your own mini online portfolio. Say you applied for a job, attaching your blog to your CV or application is a great way for any potential employer to find out about the 'real' you.

For instance, I showcase my LinkedIn profile, any work I have done professional and most importantly my travel vlogs. Whenever I upload a new vlog it also gives me an incentive to review my blog pages and update the links and info where necessary.



  1. Loved the post! Very informative. Also loving the Youtube channel!



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