Tuesday, 4 July 2017


It's been a long time coming but I finally got round to attending my first ever blogger event. With a busy work life and living near Manchester, venturing to London can be quite a mission for me, especially when relying on the trains and having no clue on how to navigate the tube (I'm a pro now FYI). I've been so excited for July to hit in general. It's my favourite month of the year - hazard a guess as to why? - and it always begins to feel like the start of summer, so I was really up for getting this month off to a good start.

My day started off well with my train being cancelled, but as I got there early I managed to jump on the next a few minutes later. The only downside was that there were barely any seats so I ended up applying my make up sat on the floor in between carriages (lol). The journey was better than expected and it went relatively fast, I've also received compensation for the cancellation so I suppose it's another excuse to go back down - this time in a seat maybe?

The day got off to an amazing start meeting up with some girls I'd met through blogging/instagram (Katie, Naomi & Amy). This meet up was long overdue and I felt I had known them all ages. Our plan was to grab some cocktails before the event at 3pm so we went to SUSHI SAMBA which is virtually opposite Liverpool Street. The place, cocktails and views were amazing, I just wish we could've stayed all day.

Running late as usual, we headed over to the Qbic Hotel in Aldgate for the Bloggers Suite event. The event, hosted by Scarlett, followed in the footsteps of Bloggers Ball and Blog Con London, and the event itself absolutely flew by. The best part for me was networking and meeting with people that I had only ever spoke to through IG - everyone was literally so nice and talkative.

On arrival we were greeted by 3 tables worth of sassy cocktails, cupcakes and popcorn - the best start possible, right? From then, we literally mingled from start to finish and I met some other familiar faces that were even lovelier in person (Ella, Paige & Danie). Lipivr, Sandisk, Beverly Hills Formula and Always be Skd were just a few of the brands that came along with buckets and buckets of samples for us to try which is always a bonus!

The event consisted of various half hour long masterclasses from @CharlotteJonsie, @SquibbVicious and @VixMeldrew. These focused on how to grow your blog, social media, the three pillars, SEO backgrounds, finding your niche and what not - and really, it was just nice to feel encouraged for once! I really liked how intimate the talks were and how small the event actually was on the whole. I've definitely taken a thing or two away from the girls, plus they were all so genuine.

One thing I couldn't quite believe was the scale of the goody bag we all received. I mean, look at it! I'm actually loving the Beverly Hill's Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste as I've been using it from the very day of the event (plus the tube is frickin' huge). I've also got enough face masks to last me the next few months so I am dying to get stuck into them.

After the event we went to Shoreditch to grab some dinner and vodka slushies (everything you see in that picture is actually vegan!). Overall, it was a really good day for me. I hardly ever go down to London, especially alone, so I always appreciate the city so much more when I'm just down for a day or two. I've promised myself - and others - that I'll be travelling down a hell of a lot more in the near future for events/meet up's.

I'm so glad I was apart of the event, it's made me feel even more motivated and inspired to stick too and grow my blog as well as rearing it in the right direction. I've met some lovely people, gained some great friends and finally mastered the tube! If you're into your blogging and haven't yet been to an event like this, I'd highly recommend to any blogger big or small, that you pluck up the courage and go.



  1. Sounds like a blogging event, looks like you had lots of fun! The food you got for dinner looks incredible, I can't believe it's all vegan! I just went to my first blogging event on the weekend too and had so much fun!


    1. It was so much fun! I know the food was insane, never seen vegan cheese fries before and they were yum!!! Xxx

  2. Fantastic!!!'

  3. This day looked amazing I wish I could have made it! Xx

    Holly | www.statementundertones.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It was so much fun! You should get tickets for the next event babe xxx


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