Monday, 17 July 2017


The title of this may throw you off - wait, what, she's nearly 25? Well, not exactly with this baby face but since my birthdays recently just been and gone I'm now technically only 3 years off, so I thought I'd get stuck into making my goals/bucket list.

There a lot of things I would love to achieve in these coming years, so posting this will act as my very own digital, un-editable and let's not forget public to-do list. I'm hoping this will be the beginning of me getting my adult bum in gear, but I've been very ambitious on a few to say the least.

1. Move out.
Something I love the idea of, but will probably hate the minute I leave. Luckily, I have lived away from home at uni and absolutely loved it but I would love to have a house of my own by 25.

2. Get a tattoo.
A thought that plays on my mind a lot is mustering up the courage to get a tattoo. Like anything, 'trends' in tattoos come and go, so picking one suited to me has taken a lot of thought. I have maybe two particular and personal ideas in my head but I'm not desperate to get one just yet.

3. Get another dog (or ten).
Anyone that knows me knows I am a complete and utter dog lover. I have a ridiculous amount of love for my cockapoo, Hudson - I just think he deserves a little sister or two.

4. Save £££.
I'd consider myself good with money in the sense that when I have something to save for - I will no doubt do it. I've been working hard and saving money since January but I'm not quite at my goal yet!

5. Have a drastic make-over.
I have always played it quite safe in my appearance I think compared to others. I had a bob throughout my entire childhood so I think the fact I have long hair now will never change. But saying that, I would love to finally chop it all off one day.

6. Run a half marathon.
Something I have been eager to do and was set to do this year was run my first half marathon. I don't feel at all ready/motivated to do one this year so I am definitely signing up for one at the start of 2018.

7. Start my own business.
Ok, a very ambitious one but I am adamant that I will work for myself and not under anybody else. Easier said than done but I am completely career driven.

8. Travel the world.
/as much as possible! Something that I don't go a day without thinking about is travelling here, there and everywhere. Seeing new places and experiencing new things 4 or 5 times a year is what I work towards and look forward too. Plus, I'm saving for a big trip

9. Carry on blogging.
Finding the time to concentrate on your blog proves harder with time. Especially as I get older I imagine I will have less and less time for me to devote myself to it. This is something I want to defy and I would really love to look back in 3 years and see my blog grow and improve further.

10. Worry less.
Anyone that knows me knows I am the worlds biggest worrier. I'm hoping to reduce that side of me in the next few years so I can just concentrate on having fun.

11. Take up yoga.
Not only am I a worrier, I am the biggest stress head going, so yoga it's a yes from me.

12. Reply to people.
An awful trait of mine is seeing messages and just not replying. I do it all the time and I hate it as much as the people I forget to reply to. I've really  started to improve with it but time will only tell...

13. Learn to scuba dive.
I was set to go diving for the very first time in Koh Tao ('Turtle Island') in 2015, but for financial reasons I couldn't afford too! I am seeing this as a blessing in disguise because I am more physically fit then I was then so I will be keen to tick this off the list soon.

14. Become a pro-snowboarder.
A bit ambitious - but totally doable, no? I have always loved ski holidays but only last year I decided to try out snowboarding and I absolutely loved it.

15. Feeding at the zoo.
Who doesn't want to do this! I've always loved the idea of spending the day at the zoo getting up close and personal with the penguins.

16. Attend a cookery course in Thailand.
Whenever I go on holiday I try my best to do something 'cultural' like wine tasting (lol). But since travelling I have always wanted to go back and have a go at cooking proper Thai cuisine, the food is amazing.

17. Learn to paddle board.
It just looks cool, right?

18. Take up golf.
As a hobby, not a profession... but I'm actually good at it.

19. Island hop across the Greek Islands.
This has been a dream of mine for about 3 years now after speaking to my nana about it.

20. Be somewhere different every Christmas.
This is something my boyfriend and I started when we met. We spent our first Christmas day together in Amsterdam, which by the way was incredible! Then last year we spent it over with his family and this year it will probably be with mine - though next year is a different story..

21. Treat myself to something ridiculous.
I'm talking something stupidly expensive that I would never dare to buy myself.

22. InterRail.
Everyone knows I love a good European city break. I mean, I can't go a few months without getting bored and jetting off. I've always wanted to Interrail over summer for a month, so maybe in the next 2 years I will get round to it.

23. Go to a festival abroad.
Having been to Ibiza, I'd really like to tick Hideout Festival off my list for my birthday next year.

24. Volunteer at a dog/animal shelter.
I have wanted to do this for so so long and I won't settle if I haven't done it by this time next year.

25. Attend more blogger events.
And generally network more! Work has wormed it's way in between me and my blog recently, but I'm going to keep at it.


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