Wednesday, 17 May 2017


You may or may not have noticed my lack of posts over these past few weeks, but prior to that, I seemed to have a lot more free time on my hands in comparison to now - and that's okay. I've been solely preoccupied with moving house, a new job role and some well needed DIY on my new room. For the last installment of my moving house sequence, I discussed interior hopes, floor plans and old room vs. new. This week, I'm going to talk you through what I've managed to get done in my room so far - and it's honestly a complete transformation.

My main theme for decor in my room is pretty minimal and white, no clutter and everything stored away - including my make-up, but more on this later. I find this gives the room a more relaxed feel, or maybe it's just me that gets stressed out by the mess. 

As for make-up storage, I made the mandatory trip out to IKEA to purchase new furniture, although its not featured in the pictures just yet. Now £200 down, you could say my IKEA haul was a big one, but I will say I'm completely in love all of it! My make-up storage furniture is luckily located outside my room, so I have a little area to now make pretty and store it all in which I'm feeling very grateful for. In my next moving house post, I'll let you in on more of this section as I've barely had time to get stuck in on this area. Plus, it will no doubt become my favourite area to be in throughout the whole house.

My IKEA haul consisted of candles, photo frames, bedding and artificial flowers. I'm loving the little display of roses and peonies on my bedside table, they look so cute with the surroundings and there's the obvious bonus of not having to replace them regularly!

So what's changed? Well, the truth is, what you see in pics is literally it! I think anyone would generally struggle to make a miraculous difference within a week of moving house and working full-time in between. But, I'm feeling pretty proud so far as it has already taken on quite a drastic make over. I've also been focusing on the en-suite as the floor tiles were horrendous (nothing a lick of paint can't sort out). As expected, I've also helped out in other rooms around the house with the gym being top of our list to get right. It's looking insane at the minute as we have mirrors around the treadmill and weights machine. I cannot wait to get back in there and make full use of them - I find exercise much easier with mirrors (is that just me being weird?)

So, considering we moved in 4 days ago, I feel I've gone full steam ahead with the room decorating, but why not get it done as soon as? It's already a much nicer space to live in and sleep in, so I'm super glad that I've managed to bide my time well and be productive in terms of DIY. Oh yeah, did I not say I was a complete novice when it comes to DIY? Although, I am fairly creative so the painting was a done deal.

The main difference was painting that god awful pink wall to a pristine white. It makes such a difference and completely opens up the room so I can make use of the space with free reign to decorate. My favourite addition to the room is the floor length mirror. It's actually an ancient mirror to us as my dad picked it up from an old River Island store when he worked in the industry.  Though it is such good quality and relatively heavy, so I really struggle to move it - but it's something I've fallen completely in love with! I decided to revamp it slightly with the original frame being dark oak. I went for, 'Chic Shadow', a matte grey paint from Dulux.

As for what I need to do, my next job is to get my TV up (hello, Sky Q), and also buy more furniture. I have 2 wardrobes at the moment so I'm going to get rid of the one blocking the window and have a chest of drawers instead - I could change my mind but any excuse for another trip to IKEA. 

Now, I'm not picky but thank god the tiles in the bathroom are no longer the originals. Now they are a lovely slate grey which just looks so effective. Instead of re-tiling the entire bathroom, I sat for nearly 2 hours painting each tile with Heavy Duty Floor Paint from B&Q. For £25 a pot, it makes a colossal difference - I'm so happy with the way it turned out!

There's still more touches I'd like to add to the bathroom but I'm not rushing things, good things take time and all that. But thankfully, I feel so settled and already at home. I have an endless amount of ideas and possibilities floating around my head and I honestly can't wait to be anti-social next weekend and properly work on it all.



  1. I think the room looks great, well done!

    1. Thank you so much babe! It's not bad for a weeks work, so much still to do! 🙊💗


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