Saturday, 6 May 2017


The move that I've been eagerly anticipating since the beginning of February has finally happened, just yesterday. It's been a very long winded and tiring process but we are officially all moved in (ish). I've not been able to blog as much as I set out to, purely because (being the doughnut I am) I forgot that we had to wait for the wifi to be sorted at the new gaff. Luckily, through several attempts, I've found a way to avoid the wifi problem on the blogging front. Until that's finally sorted, I can go back to getting posts out regularly again.

Anyway, I thought I'd begin to fill you in with a few details of our new family home. It's a lot bigger, I mean a hell of a lot. 4 bed, 5 bath, detached, spacious garden and in a lovely quiet area of town. That's the bare basics you need to know, but for this post my main focus will be on my bedroom. Expect old vs. new pictures, my interior plans for the next few weeks and eventually a follow up in the coming months.

So I don't know about you, but when I move to a new house or buy bits and bobs to redecorate, I have to organise everything there and then by making it all perfect straight away. I can't sit around for weeks on end with a wrongly painted colour wall or furniture in the wrong place - I just have to get it done!

In my old house, I had the smallest room known to man. Ultimately, this was down to me being away at uni, but I managed just fine yet I always wanted more space for me. That was until my boyfriend moved in, we were fairly cramped so I couldn't wait for the move.

You can see from the pictures just how much of a struggle it was for two people to live in and fit all their things in. I was super excited, borderline frantic, for an upscale size on the bedroom. With room to roam, treating myself to new furniture and have an en-suite, my bags were ready and packed. Don't get me wrong, I've had decent double bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms at uni but at home - it's different, it's actually yours!

Considering I had the smallest room I had first dibs in our now new house. Out of the 3 I had to pick from, I focused on a few points that would be the fundamental decider for me - 1. Window size 2. Natural light and 3. Room shape - I'm not that picky I promise. I just fancied a room with the biggest window and south facing - natural light is so important in my opinion and I was after an all-round nice airy space. It's not huge don't get me wrong, but I have definitely chosen right.

Being the saddo I am, I began choosing our furniture and little decor bits online. When March hit, I started to design the ideal bedroom layout on my iPad using the app I absolutely love to get creative on, 'Paper'. I drew everything to scale by measuring the bed and various furniture I was after. Yes, I'm aware I need to get a life.

After attending the Spring Fair Home & Gift event in February with work, I became so inspired by interior design, furniture and room layouts that I wanted to make sure I put a little extra effort into my own space. I was after a big re-haul and refresh of my things. The basis of it is everything white, a massive mirror and not too much clutter around the room - easy. The main reason for this being that I have never really had the space to have furniture to hide the clutter away in - thank god I do now.

You can see from the plans I'm pretty precise and certain on what I want and don't want. But it's early days and I'm just enjoying being in a bigger house, room and a space with lots of potential. Keep your eyes peeled for when I get around to decorating and putting the finishing touches to my ideal bedroom.


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