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If you're aware of my recipes, then you'll know that I like to keep the vast majority of what I eat and cook healthy, wholesome and filling. Like anyone, I love a good takeaway, I almost definitely go to grab too many roasties on a Sunday and I could easily finish off a packet of biscuits if I was set to the challenge. But, it's definitely not something I would class as the norm in my lifestyle. To keep in shape, I have made gradual changes to certain bad eating habits that I used to have and it has honestly changed my outlook and quality of life as well as my view on food and nutrition.

The main problem with developing bad habits is that we get so comfortable in our ways its hard to ever give them up. Too often we grow accustom to 'the weekly takeaway' or other, 'easily accessible' habits similar. Then there is the feeling of the unknown of changing up our food intake to a healthier alternative. Sure it takes commitment but you will look back and thank yourself for making that decision today.

Even when you're in the mind set to change, old habits die hard, so you'll probably see yourself jumping off the wagon and feeling unmotivated to get back on it. This can collate to going round and round in circles, which is honestly fine. I'm not going to go on like I eat well every single day, because I don't. I have good days and bad but lets be realistic here, so does everyone. Making conscious decisions about what you decide to put in your mouth will determine the either, feeling of guilt or feeling of pride before bed. Bumps in the road such as a sudden career or relationship change can make it doubly hard, but even trying is a step in itself. So, as for the habits, I thought the best route to go down is to walk you through what I personally struggled with, and the solution I've replaced them with. 

Ever find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar or something sweet after a meal? Guilty. Unless I am completely full, I find the majority of the time I crave that extra sugar fix. Getting out of this habit is tough, but I've found yoghurts, fruit and healthy bars fulfill those cravings. Of course, we'd much rather tuck into a box of celebrations or a magnum after dinner but testing out your baking skills (see my recipes for guilt-free treats) or maybe attempt making a sorbet with fresh fruit and ice. Yet again, avoiding those chocolates and sweets is a hard one to crack, but it will do your body no good feeding it chocolate every night before bed.

If you hadn't noticed. I've filled the imagery for this post with my tid raw way recipes. I'd say the best and all time fav, is the Sweet Potato Brownies. They taste just like the real deal/unhealthy alternative we all know, love and drool over. These pictures are another reminder that healthy food doesn't have to be boring and it certainly won't restrict your diet. I feel it opens up doors to trying new things and sampling new recipes - so give them a go to kick start your habit-less lifestyle.

A big one for me, but I'd say this has been the core change I've made to my diet and overall lifestyle. The old me used to always opt for white bread, white pasta and rice, ridiculous amounts of cheese (still do) and everything in-between. My whole view on this has changed and I am extremely careful with what I buy and eat. To put it simple, I'm not going to buy a sandwich from the shop if it's on white bread - mental I know but it works for me. I do however find white bread a treat maybe once a week or fortnight as well as those all important roasties on a Sunday.

Ever find that when you were at school you'd automatically end up buying fizzy drinks from the shop nearby? It was something that was considered the norm for kids, but I physically couldn't do that to myself now. I have completely cut fizzy drinks from my diet, I can't even remember the last time I had a glass of full fat coke! Only when McDonalds is calling - shoutout maccies Fanta - I don't have it in the house, drink it on nights out or remotely miss them! I am a massive water fiend, so my advice would be to slowly lower your fizzy drink intake if you're a bit of an addict.

Like all students/people in their 20's, the temptation to go out every weekend can be a hard one. For me, I enjoy staying in more than going out. Anyone else enjoy the getting ready part of a night out more than the actual prospect of the night itself? YES. If I'm ever on a night out or day session, I just know I'll be craving bad foods and it's a habit you can't really control or get away from. Nor should you really - it's so important to treat yourself! I now don't opt for the calorific alcohol choices, so I'm more of a G&T gal and it is incredibly less drastic on your waistline.

Aside from the cliche bad eating habits I am going to go into, there are a few vital things that contribute to the things you reach for to snack on, your meal choices and

Sticking to the standard 3 meals a day doesn't really work for me anymore. Finding myself staring at the clock awaiting the next big meal leaves me feeling hungry and wanting to binge on all the wrong things. In my post, How to Start Your Day the Right Way, I mention the importance of breakfast as well as being active and staying organised in the mornings - it all has an impact on what we choose to eat throughout the day and what habits we fall back into because of it!

Next onto something that ties into what I just said. Sleep is another contributing factor to what determines what we allow ourselves to eat throughout the day. At the moment, I am literally out for the count when I hit the mattress, but that's down to being fairly busy in other aspects of my life. If I've been pretty inactive throughout the day, I find myself wide awake at night which I know will affect what I crave and eat the next day. Get your eight hours in people.

When it comes to the unhealthy and slightly naughtier meals, balance is key and overloading and bulking on cheat meals puts me in the mindset of never getting out of that lifestyle. If I'm cooking up something healthy, I often overload the meal with veg or good carbs. Though, I don't tend to count calories religiously as if it's the end of the world eating too many on the odd day. A vital tool for me is the app, MyFitnessPal. I've mentioned it a fair few times throughout my time blogging as I incorporate it into my daily routine as well as featuring it on my recipes. My advice - download it!



  1. I agree that it's hard to combat bad eating habits Like you, I can't settle for 3 meals a day either. After breakfast, I graze all day with healthy snacks and it's worked for me!

    Simply Lovebirds

    1. Thanks for reading lovely!! Glad you can relate xxx

  2. Ooo I'm going to try the sweet potato brownies...I've been making them with black beans, but I feel like sweet potato may be yummier.

    - Greta
    Here's my post on black bean brownies:


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