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Am I right or am I right? I wish I could say I took this photo, but unfortunately I didn't. I just edited it to my style. But thanks to good ol' Tumblr for supplying the goods eh.

If you're new to my blog then hello and welcome! But if you're returning, then you may have already noticed my complete blog and header re-haul. I felt it was in desperate need of a little refresh and I am absolutely in love with the finished product. So, in the scheme of changing up things, today I'm talking about why change is one of the most important things for anyone to go through, whether its unexpected or a choice. 

The term 'change' can scare the living daylights of those that like to live life set in their ways. Knowing that we can sometimes resist to change (I know I'm guilty of it too), how are we expected to grow? If stepping outside of your usual routine feels like a million miles away from something you'd ever think to do - is that really a way to live? I don't think so.

Change is healthy for us, and we should try to embrace it in any positive way that we possibly can. Here are my 5 categories - if you can call them that - of 'change' that we all have a pretty high chance of experiencing at some stage.

At multiple times throughout our lives, we can go through change that's quite frankly something we never wanted or imagined would happen. In the end, this type of change will turn out to be the best for us in the long run - well, certainly in my case anyway. If life takes you on a different path, the best thing to do is focus on the positives.

Even though unexpected bumps are often the toughest, it grows you so much as an individual and in the end, you are a much stronger and happier person for it. You got dumped? Life goes on. Although, heartbreak is probably the scariest and hardest experience for anyone - not to mention the long winded recovery. Your parents got divorced? That's just as hard too. But as you get older, you get used to the fact that s*@#! really does happen.

I suppose you could call this change under your control - or simply being a bit of a risk taker. Stepping into the unknown will often mean changing the way you usually do things. It's something we can all get pretty frightened of but, nothing will change if nothing changes. Simple as that.

This accounts for so many things - your passions, ambitions, love-of-things etc. I am trying to say 'yes' to more things this year - travel, fitness and career-wise  So, if you want to travel the world, make it happen. If you want to start your own business, start today. Hard work pays off and like it says above, great things never came from comfort zones.

I'm a firm believer in withstanding in a job that you love or basically getting far away from it. Over the years during school and Uni, I've had part-time jobs for the sake of putting money in my back pocket. But now, I would never stay in a job that 1. Makes me dread going there every day 2. Doesn't challenge me and 3. Have a nice environment to work in. Number 3 includes your colleagues too. If you're in a constantly tense work environment with fake relationships, why would you want to stick out a job and jeopardise your happiness just to pay the bills?

A really important one that maybe even tops the list. I think your experience in relationships are at the core of those all important 'life lessons'. Nowadays, it is far too easy to fall into a toxic relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend, family members, friends or even colleagues at work. This will only cause you unhappiness, stress and unnecessary anxiety. For me, I would never be with or stay with someone that I know has been unfaithful to me, I have made that mistake before. A positive way to look back on a situation like this is to think you have came out the other end stronger, knowing exactly what you want - and don't want.

The same goes for friends. If you feel as though they don't support you or are loyal to you, why have them in your life or even class them as a friend? It is natural to outgrow people, although I've found it much better having a small circle knowing they have your back when you're not around.

Having lived in a number of places across the UK, I have a love hate relationship with moving house. When I was younger, I moved from London, to Lytham, to Cheshire in under a time-span of 10 years. That may not seem a lot to some of you, but it really was for me at the age of 11. I don't remember much but changing schools a number of times wasn't the best. However, going through transitions like this that I had no control over had prepped me up quite well for moving away to Uni on my own. So, something good did come out of it.

Now I'm older, I love the prospect of moving house. Although I know in the future I would ideally want my 'forever home' for me to keep and start a family in. We have actually been set to move house since February, so we will be up-sizing to a bigger house (and bedroom) by the end of the month - I am super excited.

So that's it for why I think change is important for us. Although it can be challenging, if we take more risks we can start to achieve bigger things. Are there any extra aspects that you think are good for us to experience?


  1. Awww lovely article! Sometimes it's very difficult to accept change but is how we grow as people :D your blog is so dreamy, I love it! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thank you so much doll, that's so kind! & I'm glad you agree! Will head over to your IG & bloglovin' now! Xxx


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