Sunday, 23 April 2017


It's Monday tomorrow. The one day of the week with the worst reputation, you feel me? We all have our good days as well as our bad, but sometimes the first day of the week always feels like the hardest. For me, I hate the late Sunday sinking feeling of work the next day, but I'm sick of seeing negative tweets and posts on a Monday morning. Like, why would you want to start the week with such a negative outlook?

The British weather is unpredictable, but the general mood on each of our social feeds seems to depend on if the sun has decided to pop out of not. For an instant mood booster, I always look for quotes to lift my morale - and it usually never fails.

Whether its lack of motivation, having a bad day, feeling exhausted or run down, I find quotes so uplifting and inspiring. I've put together just 10 (out of about 1394) quotes that have grown to be my personal favourites over the past few years.

I hope one or two of these can get your week off to the right start!


Note: these quotes are screenshots from Instagram that have built up in my camera roll over the last few years. The crediting and originality is near to impossible and unknown.


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