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'Hallo' from Berlin! Yes, I am in fact blogging on holiday and I'm not entirely sure how I've managed it. Besides the photo taking, eating and sightseeing, we have been on our feet non-stop for literally 14 hours a day. Considering we wanted to make the most of our time in Berlin, the place is just huge and way bigger than we ever anticipated. But we love it. It's such an exciting, trendy city that we have completely fallen in love with and I would urge anyone to make the trip out here.

I was really eager to post at least once whilst out here so I'm feeling pretty accomplished that I've made the time to do so. We're on our third day in now and I'm having such an amazing time, I just don't want to come home.

I won't go into too much detail about my trip so far, but our first night here was one of the best nights I've ever had on one of my city breaks. We went along to SKYKITCHEN in the Mitte district of Berlin for some seriously swanky cocktails and dinner.

So, if you haven't heard of the restaurant SKYKITCHEN before, I'll fill you in on the basics. This fine-dining restaurant holds one Michelin Star and currently has around a month wait list. Me being me, I found a way to get us a table just a week or two before we headed out there for our trip. I had emailed a fair few times, asking for any luck of squeezing us in or if there were any cancellations etc. but nothing, not even a reply! Until, the restaurant manager got back to me with confirmation of a table. Being consistent and slightly desperate works wonders and I was absolutely ecstatic that it had paid off. 

I'm going to keep this quite short and sweet by splitting it up into four sections. I'll be including tonnes of photos and all the relevant info that I think is most useful. I can't waste too much time on my blog when I have more of Berlin to explore!


Northern Mitte. 10-15 minute taxi from our hotel and central Mitte or a short ride on the metro. The building itself has clean, modern decor which was expected from their website - just look at the photos below! The restaurant is placed on top of a 4 star hotel which was a bit hard to find but once we had travelled up to the 13th floor the staff were ready waiting for us immediately after we stepped foot out of the lift. A lovely separate bar area was available for people not opting to dine at the Kitchen. The views were incredible, hence the name, by overlooking quite an edgy, rough and vibrant area of Berlin. It wasn't a touristy frenzy at all which was a really nice surprise.




Now onto the most important bit, the food. No words could physically describe the culinary perfection of what we experienced. Whenever my boyfriend and I go on holiday, we always make sure we save up some extra £££ to eat out in a fine-dining restaurant - its kinda become our thing. Don't get me wrong, we both like to eat well and go to nice places and we've both eaten in places that we think deserve to have that Michelin status, but we hadn't actually eaten in one that was granted that particular privilege.

We opted for a 4-course menu with wine accompaniment (obviously), which we thought would be just the right amount. Most Michelin Star establishments have the reputation of being pretentious and stingy with portions, but this was the complete opposite.

We received several amuse bouche dishes which is always a nice touch because it feels like you're getting a few nibbles for free. In fact, throughout the night we had 3 extra courses from compliments of the chef which I will highlight below. From start to finish, you could tell that the ingredients and produce was top of the range and completely fresh that day. The combination of flavours were rich, but so well balanced - like things you wouldn't ever think to cook or put together at home. The course names and ingredients were as followed:

- Cream of corn soup with deep fried rabbit and herb mayonnaise. (top, left) FREE
- Yellow fin tuna with shiso plum, wasabi root. (top, right)
- Char from the luneburg heath with carrot, wild fennel, escobache. (top, centre)
- Juvenil suckling pig & iberico with pointed cabbage, garden pea, charcoal oil. (bottom, left)
- Atlantic halibut with chorizo, aubergine, panisse. (middle, left)
- Onion & pigeon imperial with sour fig, oven onion, langos. (middle, right)
- The wildreness veal with wild broccoli, shimeji, winter asparagus. (not pictured but over on instagram)
- Cucumber sorbet, tonic cream, pickled cucumber (middle, centre) FREE
- Carrot with hakkaido pumpkin, greek yoghurt, amaranth. (bottom, centre)
- Coco palm with passion fruit, pineapple, curry mumbai. (bottom, right)


The staff, sommelier and manager at SKYKITCHEN were welcoming, friendly and ridiculously attentive, but in the best possible way. Explaining the dishes and wine origins to us during every course - well, I was just blown away that they could remember everything. They did miss one of our wine accompaniments off, but I've never had staff apologise so much and make the effort to redeem themselves, which was so lovely.


Our 4-course meal set us back 72 euro (£65) per person, which, for a Michelin Star restaurant is incredibly reasonable and I considered it quite a bargain for the quality of food and service we received that night. The accompanying wine cost us an extra 28 euro (£24) per person, which I didn't think was at all bad for 3 glasses of wine that perfectly matched your meal. 

I would go back and eat here tonight if we could afford to. It's eating out, done right, and beating the standardised reputation of pretentious fine-dining.

Thank you SKYKITCHEN for making my experience in Berlin an unforgettable one.
You can check out the restaurant, bar and menu here at SKYKITCHEN


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