Friday, 10 March 2017


Morning guys! So today I thought I'd share with you a few things that I have grown to religiously stick to and swear by when writing and designing on my blog. Now, I'm fully aware that I'm no blogging expert/connoisseur, trust me. But since my readers and followers continue to grow, and since I have stuck to my resolution of blogging more this year, I find myself becoming more and more particular with what I post and what subjects I concentrate on.

Us bloggers all strive to create content that is engaging and interesting for people to read as well as being attractive to look at and easy to navigate. Yet sometimes we can miss the mark. Personally, if I'm not 100% sure on a post, or if I'm feeling slightly sceptical about the subject I'm writing on, I will never post it. Instead it's saved and abandoned in my drafts until I can go back and have another go when I know what I'm doing is ultimately my best.

To have something publicly put out there, for you to feel disappointed by is a huge demotivator for anyone. This is why you shouldn't settle for posting regularly just because of a strict blogging schedule or routine. It's all about quality not quantity - we all get writers block sometimes.

Over the past few months I have gained more readers, views and people contacting me over my blog (thanks a bunch) which has really given me that boost to carry on. I'd say that this recognition has been my key motivator. Once you know the content you're posting is appealing then there is no reason for you not to keep doing what you're doing.

I've put together 11 crucial pointers that I stick to when composing a post...


I can't bear to see sloppy grammar and spelling on my blog and on other blogs I visit. Though, the good thing about blogging is that the written content can be as informal as you like. Including tonnes of slang words that relate to your readers is great, but if you can't string a good sentence together then it can leave readers unimpressed and uninterested.


This brings me to my next and relatively similar tip of owning your own writing style. Through school and/or uni we all grow to have our own, individual way of writing and putting a spin on things. This is unique to you so this is what you should utilise in your blog. I have received so many comments about the way I write saying, "You write exactly how you would say it", which to me, is the biggest compliment ever and really, what my blog is for.


The crucial key to any blog post is to make it relatable to our visitors. With this, I'd say being kind and writing with a good heart is just as important for anyone wanting to start up as a blogger.


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that your title is like a big, fat advert for your post. Just think, is this title going to grab the attention of someone on Twitter? It really is the ultimate decider in having people click on your post and having people scroll right past it. Choose wisely.


A good mix of both text and photos will appeal to readers whilst also bulking up the length of your post. I'd say my posts centre around 80% text to 20% photos, with the beginning including some sort of graphic every single time. This has seemed the most efficient way to write without it looking over crowded.


Something I like to incorporate into a few of my posts is a bit of humour. The odd mild swear word and a funny line or two is the way to go. But that might be just me.


Always fit your posts with the majority of your previous ones. By creating a cogent theme that reflects your blogging template will only make you look more professional. Aligning and adjusting the pixel width of elements, like your photos and text, makes everything look crisp, clean and in order.


Very similar to my previous point, but keeping a theme between your photos shows you take great care in keeping consistent. Find, capture and edit photos that go well with your theme. For example, editing with just one or a few filters and using the same font, logos and overlay will work wonders. Good lighting is also key.


Staying ahead, current and generally with the times will always grant you readers and views. Beauty bloggers have this down to a T when they are the first to get their hands on new releases. Say if you wrote, vlogged or took pictures of something that you queued up for hours to get, your blog traffic could potentially soar - these items are in such high demand!


Being that little bit more honest and open in a selection of your posts may sound scary, but it's actually quite liberating to get things off your chest and see people relate to your stories. These types of posts are probably my all-time favourite to write about, and they seem to be my most popular ones too.


Lastly, make sure your readers are gaining something from reading your posts. Whether its a personal one, a guide, a quick tutorial, a 'how-to' or a recipe. If you incorporate advice from past experiences, or share tips on things that you are particularly good at and that readers will benefit from, it will always keep your blog winning.

I hope you have found this post useful. Are there any tips you swear by when writing to engage more readers?!

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