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Looking at this, well, you'll have probably gathered that I like the odd quote here and there. Quotes are great to look at when you're feeling down, lacking inspo or just scrolling through your phone. And I'm sure each of us have browsed through a selection at some point. The majority of quotes that we find seem to be completely and utterly relatable to our lives. Through relationships, motivation or our mood at the time, we underestimate the powerful and often uplifting effect they can have.

For this weekends post, I thought I'd talk about the ever long and windy road to self-love. When I found the quote above, I couldn't help but think about how we forget to act selfishly and make time to work on loving ourselves more.

This so-called road to loving yourself isn't an easy feat. I'm sure we've all looked ourselves in the mirror and made a mental list of things we'd love to change or get rid of. In my opinion, the term 'self-love' is so easily passed by and ignored, as some can interpret this as vanity. But, why should loving yourself be seen as being so far up yourself?!

So what's stopping us?

If you missed my post on 'THE TRUTH ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA', you can read it here, as this ties in with what I'm about to say. When we live in a culture where we're constantly told what we can't afford to get and what we don't look like, we have to take it upon ourselves to learn about the issue and fundamentally accept it. I have always been aware that I don't look like the women in magazines, and as you grow older, you come to terms with the fact that you never will. These people aren't real. 80% of the image you're seeing has been retouched, enhanced and altered to depict this 'perfect human'. And for a young girl, it's hard to come to terms with.

My opinion probably isn't in the slightest bit surprising to you, as there are so many people out there, like me, amazed in the way our society is so backward. But this, as well as body shaming, are the reasons why we struggle so much to accept the skin we're in.

This was what got in the way for me in the past. I never thought I was doing enough in comparison to others. For my body, in my career, with my attitude and generally in life. Having this outlook really doesn't grant you any hope of accepting yourself. There will always seem to be someone else doing it that bit better than you - but that's okay. Not everything is a competition, you are YOU, and that's all that you should really focus on.

[CREDIT: quote via instagram]

Small steps everyday...

So, I progressed in areas familiar to me and that played to my strengths - which is definitely the way to go. Going at your own pace in other areas that you struggle with, like the way you deal with flaws, should be a positive step in itself. This will have a huge impact on how much you start to value yourself, trust me.

Now, if you're a complete believer in the law of attraction like me, you will put good into the world, and good will come your way. I love to see girls and guys succeeding. Doing what they love and showing every one else that they are comfortable in their own skin.

There are so many things that you can enforce into your routine that will get you on that road to loving yourself, and it's not going to be drastically strenuous on your day-to-day. Gaining any inkling of confidence will massively improve your morale. I mean, we all envy those people that are absolutely beaming with confidence, so why can't that be you?

Being active and making healthier choices is literally at the heart of it all. Who doesn't feel empowered once smashing a gym session? If you're consistent with it, you'll start to accept your body more, but that's a given!

Next is doing things to improve the way you feel towards your appearance, skin, body and mind. Things like pampering yourself, treating yourself, having a drastic make over. Change is good.

Staying generally positive is also key. I don't doubt that this is a hard task for us as our minds can often take over. But once you stop voicing negative comments about yourself to others, you'll begin to stop putting yourself down and maybe even have nice things to say.

And lastly, why not try to look for inspirational quotes instead of looking at pictures of people you tend to compare yourself to. Like I said, we underestimate the power of quotes, and I know the latter won't do you any favours.

What tips help you to feel happy in the skin you're in? 


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