Friday, 17 February 2017


I saw this quote the other day which really encouraged me to write this post. Now, I may go a little off blogger and a little back to my uni days with this, but I feel it's such an important subject that I can hopefully get across well on my blog. With my job being just that, I spend the majority of my day-to-day hours online. But how could I not love what I do! When I saw this quote, it really hit home, and I think it stands for a lot and is relatable to everyone at some point. There are a ton of negative associations within social media that we all seem to overlook. Sure, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap are all amazing ways to stay in touch with people from all them many years ago that you would have otherwise lost contact with. But seriously, aren't we just using that for an excuse to be nosy? Do we really have 5,000 'friends'? And do we really understand how much we rely on social media?

Nowadays, how hard a task is it to get the entire family in one room, to then only look up and see every single one of you is on your phone?! I dread to think how it could get any worse in the future, unless we physically start communicating via text - no thanks. I've recently noticed how engulfed, obsessed and addicted people become to simply getting their online fix. Whether it be daily, hourly or even every minute, we are constantly checking our feeds when we get the time in. On the loo, waiting for a bus, when we wake up, before we go to bed, it's there for us at every opportunity we have and we become oblivious to the hold it has on us.

Of course, the positives of the virtual world outweigh the negatives as there are so many new opportunities for people. From staying connected with friends, building businesses, bringing individuals together from around the world, spreading news stories and what not. There are so many reasons as to why I love social media, but it can also bring an overload of negativity into people's personal lives. 


Bullying, online trolls and negative comments can be massively publicised and rightly so. But, with the amount of free will for people to loiter (you know I really mean stalk) anyone and everyone and us know nothing about it, well.. we should all be shitting ourselves, right? We're all slowly abusing what social media is really supposed to be about due to the allowances to be secretive and sneaky. It's probably best that we aren't aware of what people say, think and judge us by behind their iPhone screens. 

Of course, the solution is that we could all opt to go 'private', and I totally get when people do. But, for me, I really couldn't care less - catching people out roaming through your profile is quite amusing, and in terms of blogging, it's really hard to shelter your privacy with wanting to get the furthest reach possible for your posts.

Lurking is so unhealthy and I know I have been guilty of it in the past, but hasn't everyone? I'd go as far as saying every single member of the public has snooped on someone, so if you're reading this then odd's are so have you (sorry). But we never really know who's browsing or who's checking up on us regularly. Imagine if we were notified every time someone was 47 weeks deep in our Instagram feed?! There would be complete and utter turmoil but perhaps it would be a good thing to know! Before you know it, people have access to your birthday, where you work, what your fav colour is and that you have 3 cousins on the other side of the world? What :) a :) frightening :) thought :).


As I said, I couldn't care less about who feels the need to look through my tweets or photos. My entire life isn't represented through my online social accounts - I choose not to showcase absolutely everything. Social media is such a masked part of our lives, and I think people definitely struggle to see that there is a life outside of the internet. Keep your best and most sacred moments private! There is absolutely no need for too much virtual PDA, though it seems the norm now that if you haven't posted a picture of your other half for a matter of weeks then there MUST be problems within your relationship?? Where is the logic!? Friendships and family area's are the same too, as too often, I know that there are individuals and strangers who really might know too much and I hate that.


Right, I'm just going to be blunt but - your followers have no correlation to your worth compared to others, and to anyone who thinks differently, then you're an arsehole. Now, I'd be wrong in saying I don't feel a boost in my confidence if I get loads of likes on a selfie I just posted, like who doesn't? But when people live, breathe and sleep this shit, it's kind of embarrassing. Your personality is not defied through how many followers you have or how many comments you get on a certain picture. I cannot cope with the fact that there are sites out there that allow you to buy followers, what the hell is that about? I would much rather say I have worked for genuine followers and likes, rather than spending a fiver for 4,000 foreign followers from the middle of nowhere-land.


I could go on and on about the list of famous women I have on instagram that look as though they are literally living the dream (@tashoakley, @tammyhembrow, @oliviaculpo and all the Kardashians etc etc). Perfect bodies, perfect families, perfect faces. With social media, we always seem to be looking for the next best thing - the next style craze, the next eyebrow trend, the next kylie sodding lip kit shade (and I love Kylie Jenner).. But when all we do is strive to look like people clearly leading a highly inaccurate instagrammable life, I really struggle to find the positives, as it just leaves many of us insecure AF. 


Just recently, the goddess Jamie Genevieve liked and retweeted a tweet I tagged her in (couldn't contain my excitement either). Out of curiosity I looked over on analytics and found that it had reached over 30,000 users and over 800 of her followers visited my profile because of it, madness. I physically couldn't get my head around it at the time, and it egged me on to get this post going. Any non-bloggers out there are probably thinking, who the F is Jamie Genevieve well, firstly how do you not know the Scottish queen?! And secondly, she became famous through her insane make up skills and with the help of social media - which just highlights the sheer power each platform has!

I hope you've found this post relatable. It's mad that we are all so quick to judge one another purely based on our 'virtual' lives. Even though our content, what we look like and what we post only really represents a small snippet of who we are. What's your opinion?


  1. I agree, It makes me laugh how hungry people get just to try to prove a point and make themselves feel better! But you couldn't have said it better, seriously. I rather grow a genuine following, everyone can tell what your doing its never a secret hahaha. Well said Ellie,

    - Kitty Rodriguez

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