Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Happy(-ish) hump day guys! It's Wednesday, and we're another day closer to the weekend - hooray! If like me you struggled to leap out of your warm bed this morning screaming rise and shine at the top of your lungs, then you've definitely come to the right place. Whether we like it or not, we all at some point lack in the get-up-and-go attitude. Especially during the colder and darker months, I can never seem to make it into work without yawning 20+ times and feeling horrendously sorry for myself. So, if there was ever a time for you to need this post in your life, a gloomy Wednesday morning is just perfect for it. Here are my six essential tips and pick-me-up's to ensure you have the best possible start to your day (and trust me you're going to need it).

EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM | a definitively impossible task to begin with if you're not a morning person, but what's to say it's something you can't work on? We all wish we were 'those people' who so easily part from their beds and hit the gym at 5am, to then stroll into work absolutely pristine and on time. You know, those people that just look like they have their shit together? I find if I have that little bit of extra energy to get up earlier than usual, I generally end up having a better day anyway? Even spending extra time in getting yourself ready is an instant mood lifter and not to mention, it makes you feel like one productive MF.

FUEL | endless coffee, cuppa's and food. Enough said. I find if I don't fuel my body first thing I end up in the groggiest mood where all I crave is sugar! If you began gazing at the photo above, let me tell you its definitely not what I whack up during the week, it's a tasty weekend treat. In my previous post, I filled you in on what I usually eat first thing to maintain my ideal weight. It's really not much throughout the week as I'm not always necessarily hungry before the days work, but good substantial brekkie's such as porridge, cereal or a banana are all slow release carbs that keep you feeling fuller for longer (so no need for bad snacking before lunch).

ACTIVITY | for me, I perform best in the gym early in the morning. It not only gets it out the way first thing, but it also encourages me to eat healthily throughout the day because stuffing my face with biscuits would leave me feeling all kinds of guilt. Chucking yourself into exercise is an instant wake-up strategy that fills you with elation afterwards knowing that you've managed to get up early and squeeze a workout in too. And if it turned out to be a good workout then you're already set up for an even better day. Even opting to bike or walk is a nice change, a bit of fresh air never hurt anybody!

MUSIC | blasting the radio in the morning for me isn't an option when you have close-knit neighbours and a lazy sister in bed. But, when I get in my car - its a whole other story. Music is an immediate up-lifter and who doesn't like putting on an old CD that's been in your car since the day you passed your test? I sing to absolutely anything and everything in the car and I have no shame in anyone seeing me do it. 

KEEP IT TIDY | seriously who is with me on this - I think one of the worst feelings in the world is coming home from a hectic day and seeing your room in a messy state. If you follow my first step in waking up that little bit earlier, you have no excuse not to tidy as you go. Even just making my bed and putting make-up back properly feels like I've not just rushed out the door without thinking about what I have to come home to later on in the day.  

GOOD DEED | lastly, and most importantly, is starting the day with a good deed. If you get it in early you're guaranteed to have a good day right? Hold a door open, give your seat up, lend money to a stranger in need - if you're a believer in karma you never know who might offer to buy your next coffee.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for guaranteeing a little lift to your day. If you struggle to associate your-morning-self with my six essential tips, I suppose there's always tomorrow.


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