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One of the things I love most is being a brunette. In fact, I don't think I would have it or will have it any other way. I think this is partly down to the fact that I'd look god awful ridiculous as a blonde, but also, who could really be arsed with the up-keep of root maintenance! With the numerous 'studies' that show brunettes have more intellect, and blondes have more fun, yet, do we all seriously believe that? I doubt these people really know the daily struggles we all go through with such different varieties of long, short, curly, frizzy, damaged or dry hair. In my opinion, it's all just a load of nonsense to further force a divide between us girls, but there will always be pro's and con's whatever your hair colour.

Whilst us brunettes are known to have naturally fuller and noticeable brow game, blonde's have the advantage for braids, as they are so much more recognisable and defined! But really, if being blonde is so great, then why do most blondes fancy a change into the brunette life?! As a dark haired girl through and through, I've put together 6 of the most common struggles I've been faced with growing up and still have today in my twenties. 


Unfortunately, this is something that's unavoidable (unless you wax every single part of your body) and quite frankly, it's a right pain in the arse. Unlike fair haired beauties, having dark hair means we can almost never afford to skip shaving days! Once the littlest of spikes start to appear on our legs, it's not hard for people within close proximity to notice that we are one or two days overdue a shave. 


As baby hair is also unavoidable, it's particularly common in most of us. Although the sight of baby hairs on a brunette is far more noticeable than those of fairer locks. Nowadays, you're able to style your baby hairs right so they look like they're pretty much supposed to be there. When realistically, they're nothing but annoying little skew whiff strands that enjoy getting in the way of your make-up and ruining a blow dry. 


Something that every girl with medium to dark hair will have experienced (at least a thousand times), is the complete travesty after applying dry shampoo. The product that is essentially talcum powder in a can, is hands down the biggest life saver for any sane person, but why does it seem to look like a heavy snowstorm has taken place on our scalp? There is literally no way around it either and in bad lighting it's fairly easy to leave the house looking like you gained a full head of grey hair overnight. Also, it can't just be me that thinks the versions that are supposed to 'cover' and 'match your hair', just don't make the cut in comparison to the real thing?


My sister mentioned an article to me the other day which stated that every individual can shed up to 100 hairs in just one day, which I'm really struggling to believe. Even so, it's unlucky for us brunettes as our hair is so much more easily visible wherever the hell we go. Especially surrounded by white tiled bathrooms, light fabric and clothing or just the general light. Our wandering hairs aren't hiding from nobody!


Like any 90's girl growing up, I always seemed to like the blonde band member or character on TV most. Rachel Stevens from S Club (my younger self's idol) was kind of on the mousy side. But, with the option of Baby Spice or Scary Spice, Cinderella or the Ugly Step Sisters, it was a hard feat for any brunette growing up, and I used to hate the fact I wasn't blonde solely because of this. I didn't even know, until recently, that there was only ever one original brunette Disney Princess, and that's Belle!


A self explanatory struggle really and one that we are all too familiar with. Going darker? Great, brunette hair loves that shit. But trying to go lighter, forget it. Unless you want to put hours of stress to then only ruin its condition, I'd advise fully embracing the natural. People with lighter hair also have the advantage of being able to quickly adjust the colour. Pastel or bright, the finished look is just like the hairdresser/packet of dye said. But for dark hair, its a horrific struggle to have a quick hair-over in terms of colour without excessive amounts of bleach.

Are there any brunettes out there that share my pain? Or any blondes or red heads that can match up to my struggles?!



  1. I can't really relate, unfortunately! Despite my brown hair D: It seems my hair is light enough to not notice, say, the fall out strands (100 does sound like a lot! Like, excessively so), and my body hair tends to be basically invisible. However, do you remember hair chalk from a few years ago?! It was impossible to use with brown hair! First you had to find a colour that looked nice in your hair, and then one that you could, you know, see in your hair. It as the saddest summer of my life, really, haha!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. You're lucky then, my hair is nearly black and quite cool toned! And I've never bothered to try hair chalk because I just know it would never show up haha! X

  2. I feel this post! Especially with the hair dye, I've wrecked my hair trying to get it pink from brown. But then again I do love being a brunette!


    1. Thanks doll! I've only ever dyed my hair once and that was because it was a free balayage for hair modelling. In the end I could hardly notice anyway hahah!

      Will check out your blog! xx

  3. ugh everything is so true! absolutely sharing your pain. But as you said we have the benefit of the natural strong brow game and this is why I learned to accept those problems.

    1. hahah I completely live for my dark brows! Xx

  4. Such a cute post! Loved your fun facts Ellie!!:) And I completely agree being a brunette is a total struggle. Love your long locks.

    - Kitty Rodriguez


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