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For a few years now, I have always battled with constant and sometimes drastic fluctuation in my weight. Like most I have never opted or dared to speak about it as it's not really a personal subject that people like to get into or talk about. But, the way I used to look and what I used to weigh really doesn't bother me now, and I'm now in a position where I'm happily maintaining a 2 and a half stone loss. As this post is concentrating on diet, I won't go into much detail regarding the whole weightloss thing, but it's something I've never aired, so if it's something you'd like to read then let me know. I would love to share with you what has aided in my loss along the way. 

If you've lost a lot of weight or are currently trying to, you will know how crucial a good diet is to maintaining and keeping up what you've worked hard for. I used to eat like a full on pig and take no notice of any nutrition content, but now I am SO wary, maybe even too wary, of what I stuff my face with (yes I'm one of those people that won't buy a sandwich from the shop if its on white bread). In this post I'm going to share with you what my regular weekly diet looks like. But, before I get started, this is not an accurate routine that I religiously stick too, however I have become a lot stricter with myself this year. 

I'd summarise my diet by saying I eat really well Monday - Friday and cheat my heart out on Saturdays, then ease myself back into health on Sunday. It may sound a little drastic to you but it works for me and definitely keeps the weight off.

The most important meal of the day - right? Well, I'm not very adventurous as I can easily skip breakfast if I feel full, but I've started to grab something if I can, just to kick-start my metabolism for the day. If I'm in a hurry I usually grab a slice of toast (always brown/seeded) or a banana/apple. Or if I have time, I'm an absolute sucker for porridge and overnight oats. A raw recipe I am loving at the moment is Jamie Oliver's chocolate orange porridge, you can make it in batches and store it away so it will last the week. On weekends, if I have a lie in I'll usually skip breakfast but if brunch is on the cards then it's poached eggs and avocado ALL DAY EVERY DAY. 

I usually make a batch of two different kinds of soup each week to take to work, but I didn't get round to it last week. So, let me start of by saying that my lunch is very boring and very generic and it doesn't really change. I don't count calories religiously, I just eat well and fuel my body right.

At work, I easily eat my 5 a day before lunch hits, not because I am a weirdo, I just love fruit and veg. I take around 3 types of fruit to work, usually mango, strawberry and a banana and then I'll occasionally mix these with a few oats and a yoghurt - but never fat free, fat free is a scam.

Next is a homemade sandwich, usually chicken and every salad vegetable under the sun, and then raw bar of some sort. I have just got into baking raw bars and trying out recipes, so I will definitely be getting them up on the blog soon. As you can gather, this lunch paragraph is probably sending you to sleep but I promise you it gets better. In comparison to what I used to eat for lunch every day (McD's, jacket potatoes, pizza, everything in sight) my lunch has seen a massive change.

When it comes to dinner, my boring lunches look like a dogs dinner. I am a total foodie so I've decided to photograph some of my evening meals from Monday to Friday last week to let you in on what I typically make. I love to cook and I know I'm good at it as I get designated chef every Christmas without fail. But the meals I've featured this week aren't in the slightest bit hard to make!

You will see from the list below that I incorporate a balance of protein, good carbs and veg into every dinner I made regardless, and MyFitnessPal has helped me keep track of my macros and calories for years. I have tracked my weight religiously on there from 2013 (WTF RIGHT) and I've made tons of recipes on there that make tracking my intake less of an effort. I'd definitely recommend downloading it as I can't go a day or two without using it.

I won't get into the recipes for each of my meals, but with a brief explanation of the calorie content, how I balance my ingredients and a time frame of how long it took me, you will probably get the jist.

Calories: 550                   Time: 15-20 minutes
Another one of my favourite dishes to throw together is fish, grains and veg. Usually salmon, sea bass, sea bream etc.. but the combination can do no wrong for me as I always put a twist on it to keep it appealing. I fried a fillet of sea bass in coconut oil and served it with brown rice and quinoa, grilled asparagus and crumbled feta on top - so easy to make.

Calories: 450-500                        Time: 30 minutes
This was a revelation for me last week, as it's something I'd never thought to make myself. It's a recipe I took from Protein World, so it's basically already healthy to start with - you can find the recipe here. I added a basic pack of cous cous (about 1/3 of a pack per person) and made an asian salad of carrot ribbons, cucumber, red cabbage with an asian dressing I just threw together.

Calories: 550-600                     Time: 20 minutes
A really nice light dinner for a mid-week meal that keeps you full. I steamed the salmon as it keeps the fillet juicy, and then fried a little chilli, onion, ginger with pak choi, red peppers, carrots and asparagus. After, I just mixed the whole lot with a little oyster sauce and brown rice and quinoa (shock).

Calories: 550                          Time: 15-20 minutes
A winner if you love a good salad and can cope with a stodgy carb free night. I oven roasted the chicken with paprika and a nandos marinade, along with red peppers unti they are slightly charred. Then, I added all the veggies under the sun (again) with my fav balsamic glaze. I will say, balsamic glaze is far better than your bog standard balsi dressing, although a little unhealthier the added sugar and thickness doesn't feel like your salad is dripping wet in dressing.

Calories: 650                             Time: 35-40 minutes
My first featured meal with what we all call the proper tasty carbs. As I'm really particular with my diet, I always opt for wholegrain pasta. Now, if you're a wholegrain novice I won't beat around the bush and say it tastes the same because it really doesn't. It's a completely different texture with an added nutty flavour so I imagine it's definitely not for everyone but I've grown to like it a lot! I always enjoy making my own pasta sauces as you know what's actually going into them, but this does add around 15 minutes on top of your cooking time.

So that's the sort of meals I've been eating to maintain the weight I am now. Really simple, cheap and easy meals that don't take much effort to make. Since losing so much weight, I am more motivated than ever to keep it up and to never go back to the way I was. Adapting my diet and being consistent with it has been the central part of my keeping it off without doubt.

Another thing I will add is that I have a lot more care in my portion control and I do not over eat. I am human though, and I do enjoy takeaways and eating out far too much, but when you stay consistent in the week, you've definitely earned those naughty meals.

Please let me know if you would be interested in reading more about my weightloss! I will be sharing some of the raw recipes I have been working on soon.


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