Friday, 27 January 2017


SAID E-VER-Y-ONE EVER! So I'm a little late in talking about any objectives for 2017, but in my eyes the timing couldn't have been more perfect for this. Now, it can't just be me that thinks there is no where near enough time in-between the gauging stage and de-bloating stage of Christmas through to New Year to miraculously have the attitude and willpower of the new person you want to become in 2017 (YUH RIGHT).

Well, if that person is you then hats off, I'm envious. But personally, I struggle to wind down on the festivities and eat salad from the click of a switch - and I know I'm not alone on that. Let's be real, resolutions are more of what we want to believe, rather than what is realistically bound to happen. The whole thing comes around too quickly in my eyes and if you're like me you'll be trying again in Feb!

I've scraped together some reasonable resolution idea's that you probably should have stuck to from the crack of dawn on January 1st. Luckily, this post comes just in the nick of time before Feb so you can start the month with a fresh outlook. Resolution lists should be manageable and realistic, baring in mind that you're not superwoman (or superman). So, I'm hoping you can all relate to a few..

1) CUT DRINKING - There's probably a lot of you out there that aimed to stop drinking after a boozy Christmas and New Year. But, if you're at uni, there's fat chance of that ever happening so you can move onto the next point (seriously). I believe resolutions shouldn't be to cut something out of your life or routine completely, but to reduce it gradually.. how about drinking less? If you're looking to get healthy then try by starting to cut down on the more calorific choices like the sacred VINO. For me, I will definitely be steering clear of the drink this year. I hardly drink anyway as it keeps me in shape plus I'm just not finding it appealing right now (thank god).

2) MAKE MORE EFFORT - this is something for the text-back-slackers (guilty), the last minute plan cancellers and the lazy go-getters. If like me you forget to text people back, you could get round to calling them instead and having a lengthy catch up. I'm promising myself that it's something I'll improve on this year.

3) BALANCE - in all aspects of life. If this was on your list and you fear you've failed so far - good news, you still have 11 months remaining to balance your shit out. This accounts for food, career, family, education, hobbies - make time for everything and do what you love.

4) STABILITY - and I mean financial stability. Especially when you're young and/or a student, getting a savings account is such a positive move as it gets you saving for something - just because! If you've started January off to an expensive start, work out your finances and try to cut down. If you're in debt, creating standing orders gives you an incentive to work hard and reach your goal. I only graduated six months ago but I've already reduced my overdraft by £750 and I'm pretty effing proud of myself for doing it (and for being all responsible and that).

5) CLEANSE - having a clear out! Let me guess, your rooms still a tip from Christmas? Your avoiding putting your presents away properly? and things you haven't seen for years are still buried under your bed? The method of throwing out all your old things/clothes/personal stuff is a really positive way to start the year/February onwards. It feels like you've cleansed yourself of all the dusty, and what you though sentimental at the time, stuff that you've collected over the years - and you've insantly become a more productive human being in the process (if that counts?). Plus you'll have more room to collect more stuff and do the same next Feb, winner.

6) BE IN THE MOMENT - If like me, you've spent the last month glued to your phone/laptop/device there's still time to reduce the amount of time you spend on them. Why not try to limit yourself to set hours a week where you're on the internet. Social media is my downfall, as well as it being in my everyday life through my job, I just can't seem to reduce my time on it - damn you instragam.

7) TAKE UP SOMETHING NEW - mandatory really for anyone's new year resolutions. Who knows, you could take up a sport, write a blog, cooking or anything and you never know where you could see yourself in the next 11 months!

8) HUSTLE - make your 2017 an ambitious one, set your 'Feb Goals' and keep it as a monthly ritual to see how many achievements you've made by 2018. Apply for uni, move out or even quit your boring job for the better.

I hope you found some personal relevance from my list of things we all should've probably stuck to at the start of the year. If there's anyone reading this who spent their January in a more dedicated and consistent frame of mind - tell me your secret pls.

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