Wednesday, 12 October 2016


I don't know if anyone has noticed but I've had a pretty big break from blogging. It felt as though I went into hibernation over summer as it's been just over 3 months since I last posted anything on here.

Yesterday on a whim, I decided to log into blogger and to my absolute flipping surprise I found that my page views had increased by over 5,000... WTF. Baring in mind that this was during 3 months of neglecting something I used to love doing so if that's not motivation I don't know what is! Thanks to the lot of you (I'm hoping it's not down to some stalker).

The 3 months of silence was unintentional and I suppose I neglected it for a while as I was in a transitional period of graduating and finding a job (/not knowing what the fuck I'm doing/wanting to do uni all over again). Right now I'm still in limbo with what career I want to pursue so I'm pretty sure blogging will raise my morale.

Blogging has a huge and amazing community that comes with it and I've gained numerous connections with fellow bloggers and brands along the way. The constant daily updates of other people's consistency, extreme organisation and scheduled posts through social media was a never ending reminder of something great I let fizzle out. Even though it's only been a few months, it feels like AGES.

I know it happens to most of us due to busy schedules, timing and just not knowing what content to write. But for me blogging during that time just wasn't top priority, I wasn't inspired or motivated which accidentally put my blog on the back burner. I don't really have a specific answer as to why, I just felt like I didn't have much to write about but I'm buzzing to get back into it.

Saying that, I haven't literally been in hibernation locked away in a room. During the break I turned 21, graduated from university and got a full time job. I've been working my ass off in this job so getting into a routine has been important yet hard as I just can't adapt to growing up. I also attended a family wedding, a festival and been on holiday to Barcelona and Ibiza just a few weeks ago, so you could say it's been a fun filled few months for me socially.  

If you know me and follow my blog, you'll know I love video editing and creating holiday vlogs which is also one of the main reasons I decided to get back into it. I took time to reflect on what I'd wrote and the vlogging aspects are without a doubt my favourite parts. I'm currently in the process of editing the recent footage from my travels so that's what I'll be focusing on in the next few weeks!

A break can be good and I know it has been for me. I couldn't get enough of blogging at uni as I'd rather be doing anything but bothering with my dissertation. Sometimes you forget how much fun and escapism you gain through it so today is the day I can say I'm back - and ready.

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