Thursday, 30 June 2016


As most of you will have gathered, I'm slightly obsessed with making holiday vlogs (you can find the full list here). Whether it be a city break or beach hol, I always aim to take my gopro with me.. and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a new gorpro for my birthday! 

I can't get enough of the editing part as I get to mess around with the best clips whilst also laughing at any bloopers.. and there's usually a lot! I love devoting my entire attention to it for few days until it's ready to post on every social media site possible so I can show off the finished product.

I've just recently returned from a 4 day trip to Italy, spending a day in Venice, Florence and Rome. Italy is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and Venice alone will always remain as the best place I've ever been. If you haven't touched down in Venice or if you're thinking of going, choose to stay there when you are guaranteed sun - it's a whole other class when the sun is beaming down on the teal water and amazing buildings!

In the coming weeks I'll go into more detail about what I got up to in each city but for now I will leave you with my Italy vlog which I've embedded below. It's not that great a quality on blogger so to watch in HD click here. Enjoy! X


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