Saturday, 11 June 2016


So in a couple of weeks I'll be turning 21. The big 2-1, a huge milestone that I think officially classifies you as an adult and opens up a whole load of responsibilities. Especially with graduation approaching, I'll be starting by saying goodbye to uni forever, booooo. I feel as though turning 21 is a big thing, probably the time to start 'finding yourself' and what not, even though we still have no idea what we're doing.

I've kept this list quite recent, and I'm sure most of you will relate. There's obviously a lot of lessons we learn during our early years yet the most important ones I think happen in our late teens and early twenties. Here's the list of all the things I've had time to reflect on...

  1. Be selfish when you need to be. Throughout life you learn that looking after yourself is top priority and at the end of the day all you have is yourself, so keep you as number 1. People come and go but being selfish sometimes is necessary.
  2. Change is good. I actually love a little bit of change, I don't know whether that's down to having lived all over the country but I embrace any 'bump' in the road or detour.
  3. Don't let money rule you or take over your life. My worst trait is probably my money stress and worries. Being a student for the past three years hasn't helped that, but managing and budgeting takes a whole-lot-a commitment and resisting temptation is shit. 
  4. A bit contradictory from my past point but, try to treat yourself. Something I tend not to do (except when saving for holidays) but I rarely treat myself. Only when I'm in NEED of something do I buy it yet I can rarely justify splurging on a certain desire I have - I suppose that's a good thing?!
  5. People will let you down. It's inevitable and an important part of growing up. The best thing I've learnt is to expect less of others and invest time in those that matter.
  6. Go out of your comfort zone. We usually see unfamiliar or difficult things to us as impossible until we JUST DO THEM. 
  7. Relationships with people are at a 50/50 and the effort should always go both ways. The ones that make the effort are the ones worth keeping.
  8. Stand by your decisions. Trust yourself, your gut instinct and what's right. 
  9. Put your phone down. Ironic I know as I'm tapping away at the keyboard, but I think we've all began to forget the important things in life because of social media, texting and the internet, meaning we overlook trying to control it. I love being on my phone and alternating through the same apps over and over, yet recently I've started turning my phone off for a day all together and forgetting about it.  
  10. It's not worth being angry. A release of anger definitely make's me feel good but as I've got older I've come to realise that these outbursts are short term and the repercussions can last far longer. Don't bitch, don't argue, don't fight - just step back. Not every situation needs a reaction.
  11. Get rid of negativity. You'll be surprised at how much your life will improve when negativity is removed from it. Good things often replace them - the law of attraction and all that. 
  12. People pleasing hides the real you. Saying what you think and what's right is what I stand by. Don't be a doormat, be yourself.
  13. A message goes a long way. Self explanatory really but a hello, good luck, happy birthday or a few nice words can really go a long way. 
  14. Get a hobby, try something new. I like anything creative and my top two favourite things to keep myself busy are cooking and blogging - so why not intertwine the two! I cook every day as I feel its quite therapeutic and I love having my own little online creative outlet.
  15. The harder you work, the luckier you get. This is pretty blatant yet it relates to me on a MASSIVE level. In terms of uni my 2nd year wasn't so great, I stopped trying and couldn't really care less yet I barely managed to scrape a 2:1 (59.6% rounded up to 60%). I was still yet to achieve a first in anything when I knew that I was more than capable of doing so. In my final year, I achieved three first's, the highest being 85% and I will be graduating this year with an average of 66% so a solid 2:1. I'm beyond happy and proud of myself and I've definitely learnt that hard work pays off.
  16. Be ambitious. When it comes down to what you really want in your life, you shouldn't take no for an answer.
  17. Keep it tidy. I don't know about you but my whole mood changes when I have a tidy room, tidy wardrobe, tidy workspace - ya feel me? Tidy space, tidy mind and all that. Tidy.
  18. Stop stressing. My stress levels are abnormal to say the least, even the smallest thing I will find something to stress over. I blame genes as my whole family seem to have the stress-trait, so it's something I'm working on.
  19. Make healthy choices. A pretty obvious lesson, but small changes can make a big difference. I've lost over a stone since Christmas and managed to keep it off. Being consistent and having balance is key, I hardly go out anymore and I've never felt better about myself.
  20. You aren't always right. I can be a complete mardy arsehole and I'm stubborn as hell but accepting you're wrong is important. I'm usually adament about whats right and wrong, bad and good etc, but sometimes we're wrong.
  21. Love yourself. A really important one I think and investing in 'me-time' is crucial. Rather than seeking approval from others learn to love what you have and be happy. Put a bit of make-up on, pamper yourself, have a bath.. all that jazz. 


  1. I love this post! Keep up the good work.

  2. Glad you can relate :) xxx


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