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Just last week I was gifted a parcel from EatCleanTea containing their Premium Matcha & Mint Green Tea Powder* (my fav flavour!). If you've been following any of my previous posts on TID you will know the grave love I have for all things tea related. However, having tried Matcha Tea last year in Thailand I was adamant I would hate it. I'm almost certain that the tea I tried in Asia contained extra additives as the taste was rather peculiar, thankfully the EatCleanTea range contains no hidden extras and is nothing like the version I had last year - in sum I just can't get enough of the stuff!

Call me sad but I absolutely love the branding of EatCleanTea - it's found a niche in the market as it doesn't classify themselves as a Teatox (can you tell I study an Advertising degree?). Upon opening the cute, dainty packet the instant scent of fresh peppermint like smells made me even more eager to try it. The tea came with a frother, instructions and a personalised little note which was a lovely touch! The instructions highlight that the powder has endless amounts of usages, you can: mix with hot water for matcha tea, froth into coffee for a matcha latte, sprinkle into smoothies, and even use in desserts!

Not only this, the benefits of the matcha powder are substantially greater then that of normal green tea containing 137 times more antioxidants - WHAAAT?! If you love keeping your body healthy and happy like me, adding the Matcha Tea range from EatCleanTea is an incredibly easy option in sustaining a healthy lifestyle as its loaded full of all the good stuff with no evidence of dodgy side effects!
Come on, it even matches my nails - hello. I kept it quite simple to begin with by adding 2 scoops - from the little spoon provided - to nearly boiling water as I was unsure on whether I'd like it (pictured above). The taste is super refreshing, similar to a mix of green and peppermint tea which forever have a place in my kitchen cupboard.

As a whole I'd say I generally prefer the matcha powder over teabags as you feel as though you're consuming all the goodness. At first, I thought the handling of a powder substance would be relatively difficult to manage but the packet is easily resealable and also stored snug in the fridge. The powder is that fine and silky that it acts as a great little catalyst and absorbs almost instantly after a quick stir - you literally can't go wrong.

Within the week I had used a great deal of my packet - the Premium Matcha & Mint Green Tea Powder* has become an every day necessity of mine that I add to nearly every breakfast... even my porridge! My favourite use for the powder is to add it to smoothies, you can find the recipe for my go-to budget smoothie here which I now like to incorporate the Matcha Mint Powder into for an even fresher taste.

You may think this is the generic promo blog post to simply advertise EatCleanTea, but I always aim to review products fairly. I simply cannot fault the product that's why this review, and myself, are 100% PRO-MATCHA!

Thank you to the team at EatCleanTea who were lovely enough to send me the Matcha and Mint, I can't wait to try the Matcha and Ginger. I'd strongly advise ANYONE to give it a try - plus there's free worldwide shipping. You can find out more and buy the range here at

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