Wednesday, 23 March 2016


As I've been a part of the blogger community for a few months now, I thought that writing something about the girl behind the blog was long overdue! I began blogging back in November as it was a requirement for one of my uni modules, but I legit can't seem to stop now?! I decided the obligatory 'facts about me' post would be a nice introductory device to promote my new and improved blog - plus if I can make a fancy graphic for it then I'm definitely in!! I've tried to whittle it down to the most interesting facts about moi, so here we go...

  1. My middle name is Atlanta (really random but I actually love it!)
  2. I'm in my third year at uni studying Advertising.
  3. I was born in Newcastle, moved to London, then to Lancashire, then to Cheshire and now back studying in Newcastle! 
  4. When I was three I wanted to be a lollipop lady (yeah glamorous..)
  5. Chinese food makes my world go round.
  6. I will not stop singing my heart out if you catch me singing in my car at the traffic lights. I have no shame.
  7. I have two brothers and two sisters - older sister (22), younger brother (9) and twin brother and sister (3).
  8. I'm obsessed with making videos and taking photos.
  9. Every single one of my family members is a Geordie - why aye.
  10. I have a permanent resting bitch face.
  11. I absolutely love dogs. My pup is 1, he's a chocolate Cockapoo called Hudson!
  12. The next destinations on my list for 2016 are Italy, Ibiza and Indonesia (2 out of 3 are booked!!)
  13. I had a lead part in the school musical in year 10, frickin' loved it.
  14. I can't cope with slow walkers, busy supermarkets or shopping centres. I hate people.
  15. My eye sight is shit and I have astigmatism, wooooo.
  16. Love a good musical - Wicked is my favourite, I've seen it four times and I desperately want to go again!
  17. I have the worst road rage ever. Old drivers, slow drivers, people that generally don't have a clue how a car operates.
  18. I'm incredibly sensitive.
  19. My hands, nose and feet are always cold.
  20. I'm obsessed with organisation and planning:- travelling, uni work, my room, everything!
  21. I can't stand it when people try to interfere when I cook, just leave the kitchen.
  22. I saw a psychic last year who said I'd quit uni, but HERE I AM BITCH.
  23. My favourite number is 18.
  24. I seek perfection in almost everything I do.
  25. I talk really fast when I get excited.
  26. I tore three ligaments in my ankle at the age of nine - it fucking hurt..
  27. My full name is actually French.
  28. I cant drink milk on its own, vom.
  29. I can do the splits.
  30. I started ballet classes at the age of 3.
  31. I'm extremely independent.
  32. I'm a sucker for all types of tea - vanilla chai and peppermint are my favourites!
  33. I met Ed Sheeran in Paris.
  34. Shit, reality TV is my thing - real housewives, KUWTK, say yes to the dress etc.
  35. The weirdest thing I ever ate was a scorpion in Bangkok - so weird that drunk me decided to eat 2?!
  36. I've lived in a whopping 13 houses.
  37. I'm literally glued to my phone.
  38. I got 6 minors on my driving test and stalled twice but still passed first time - winner.
  39. I get pissed off really easily.
  40. I'm a firm believer of karma.

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